NASC Fall 2012 Season Kicks Into Gear

Its mid-September, the fields and weather are in good shape, and we’ve got the first week of soccer games under our belt.  Life is good!

Getting things running smoothly in fall is always extra crazy.  All of the kids kick up a year and for many that means a new division with new rules or other dimensions to the game’s play.  Add in the new school year, school team tryouts and subsequent roster changes, and you’ve got some harried volunteers on your hands!  Its a relief to finally get out onto the field and have fun with the kids after months of preparation.  As you participate with your kids, whether its for games or the rushing around trying to get them to and from practice, keep in mind how many people give their time to bring it all together.

That said, even when we stop and count to ten before reacting to something that has gone wrong, there are things that need to be brought up and corrected from time to time.  The best way is to get involved, either with your child’s team, or even on the board.  We are always in need of more help.  Whether you can help or not, we still want your feedback regarding improvements you’d like to see made or problems you feel need to be reported.  I invite you to send an email to when you see something that gets under your skin or inspires you about what you see with our soccer club.  We’ll treat it as anonymously as you request.

Thanks for all you do to keep our 1100+ kids playing each spring and fall!

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