Leave the Field as Happy as Your Kids

Soccer events are the highlights of my week.  I’m lucky though, I get to be on the field.  I experience the highs and lows of games and practices alongside the kids.  I’ve got a busy life off the field and heaven knows people at home and work would rather have me doing things for them, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Besides, how else is a busy, aging guy like me going to get any exercise?

Not only is the exercise and light-hearted fun a benefit of volunteering for the club, but watching these kids grow through the years brings a real satisfaction.  I’ll be watching a school orchestra performance and be amazed by how many kids I see on the stage that I know from soccer.  I get “coach” shouted down the aisle at me by a waving kid at the store.  Then, of course, there’s the other parents appreciative of the work over the years, busy themselves with volunteering at church, with scouts, or in other places.  It’s a great eye-contact, community-high feeling in a world where staring at a screen and keyboard are too often our means of communication.

The North Allegheny Soccer Club is run by volunteers.  We enjoy what we do and are always hoping more will come and share the enjoyment as well.  There’s so much to do on and off the field, much of it not even requiring soccer skills or knowledge, just some time and caring.  If you can’t coach, perhaps you can handle the email and planning required for getting the practices and games in line.  Ask your child’s coach if there’s something you can help with.  If you’re waiting in the car during practices, maybe they could use a hand at practice, or someone who can be there as a second coach to help out when their assistant has to miss due to travel occasionally.  A lot of the board positions that need to be filled simply require some time, organizational skills, and internet access to communicate.

Please consider contacting relations@nasoccerclub.org and we’ll help find the best way to put your talents to work 🙂

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