Thanks to Sponsors

The vast majority of our club’s funding comes from player registration fees.  We do, however, rely on the kindness of other organizations to make ends meet.  Aside from the obvious gift of time from our volunteers and the mutually beneficial relationship with the municipalities and school district with which we share fields, we’d like to thank the following organizations for their gifts supporting our operations:

  • Chevy Youth Soccer – (via Baierl Chevrolet) Practice equipment and money to offset web costs
  • MSA – First-aid kits over several seasons for the coaches’ team equipment bags
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – Special discount coupons for club members as well as volume discounts on supplies
  • Soccer Source – Season after season of cooperation on uniforms, supplies, and all things soccer specific (love the community convenience as well)

These relationships often spring from members within our own club influencing their organization to help us out.  We in kind, as in any situation where charity and generosity are involved, pass our thanks on to these organizations and the individuals within them that make it possible.  You’ll see a logo or two about, but they are typically pretty modest in their requests for direct recognition.  If you know of other organizations interested in helping as well, or others that already are but have been missed here, please let us know via

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