The Numbers of NASC Soccer

Traffic jams at McKinney may be the only time that the large numbers within our soccer club seem to be problematic, but I can assure you that they come to bear on a regular basis as we keep things running in the background.  Last week was National Volunteer Week and I thought that absorbing some of these numbers might weigh on your mind enough to throw an “atta boy” the way of the NASC volunteers you see.  See if you can figure the number before reading the description:

  • 30 – We host more than 30 soccer games each week of the season
  • 80 – Each season we place kids on one of more than 80 teams across our age groups
  • 1000 – Over a thousand kids register each season to play on our teams
  • 200 – Roughly 200 people volunteer to coach, organize, and communicate, many of them doing more than one job.
  • 584 – If your child played in-house every season from U5-U10 and then on a travel team every season from U11-U19, you would transport your child to a game or practice 584 times over that 14-year span (give yourself a pat on the back for that one)
  • Zero – Though we pay local professionals to maintain the fields and pay referees (independent contractors) to officiate the games, none of our coaches or administrators are paid for their work keeping the club running and your kids safely developing.

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