Concussion Test – Limited Time

While our club works with the school district and other local youth sports groups to develop a better program to address the risk of concussions to our kids, please check out this program from UPMC to get a baseline test for your child.  It’s free for many and an affordable assurance for the rest.  Though most of the concussions we encounter with our players come from outside of soccer, we think it’s an important precaution to have a baseline test so there is less worry if something does happen to your child.  Please review the note from UPMC and the Penguins below.

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UPMC Sports Medicine, The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and the Community College of Allegheny County are pleased to announce the Heads Up Pittsburgh Program for the Summer of 2013.  Registration is now open for ATHLETES OF ANY SPORT.  PLEASE take a moment to read the specifics of the program below:

  • Athletes ages 10-14 can test for FREE.
  • Athletes ages 7-9 AND those over the age of 15 can test for a nominal fee of $25.00
  • The LAST DATE of testing will be August 2nd.
  • Athletes testing at any of the CCAC locations MUST be at least 10-years-old on the date of testing.  They must be concussion and concussion symptom free for at least 30 days prior.
  • The first 2,000 athletes will receive a FREE neck-strength kit in addition to the baseline test.
  • A neck strength baseline assessment will be available at the Center for Sports Medicine.
  • A neck strength baseline assessment will be available at the CCAC North location on a limited basis.  An assessment is not guaranteed and we will attempt to accommodate everyone.
  • Athletes are recommended to have a baseline every year between ages 7 to 13, then every two years after that.

Please register your athlete at:

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