Fall 2013 Season is Here!

Along with school starting August 26th, so does soccer practice for all of our NASC teams.  You may not have heard from your child’s coach yet, but you should before August 25th.  We’ve been busy getting registration wrapped up and making sure we have enough volunteers to cover all of our coaching and management needs.  Now we’re looking forward to some field time!

Some important dates below should help you plan.  There is also a lot of information on the website including the Age Group Information pages and the Contacts under Club Management.  We’ve tried to improve the website with a calendar, helpful links at the bottom of the main page, a blog that covers many policy and background topics, and a twitter feed for last minute field closures, etc.  As an organization of well over one-hundred volunteers trying to keep over a thousand kids straight, please understand that the website and email are our primary communication tools.  There are simply too many people and issues to attend to many phone calls as volunteers.  Your coach and Age Group Coordinators should usually have the information you need, but I am always willing to field questions, though I may not have the specifics that you need.

Thursday August 22nd 6:30 PM at McKinney by equipment trailer: “Field Day”
Each team needs a coach in attendance to get marching orders and equipment.  Spare volunteers to help with fields, goals, etc. are always needed.   It’s very open. No secrets.  It can be a good time to introduce yourself and see how you might be able to get involved.

Saturday August 24th: 9AM-11AM at Newman Stadium: Train on the Turf with the High School Soccer boosters:
Not an NASC event, but open to all kids 6th grade and younger.  More details

  • Monday August 26th : Practices begin
  • First Games – September 7th & 8th
  • Last Scheduled Games – October 26th & 27th

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