Mid-Fall Member Update

We’re past the midpoint on what has been a good season thus far.  I thank you all for your efforts to keep our program a positive life experience for all of the kids and remembering that is, after all, just a game.

Just a few reminders to keep things running smoothly as we finish out the Fall season:

  1. We keep the players’ sideline separate from the parents so it’s easier for the coaches and referees to keep things running smoothly.  In the U7 and U8 programs the coaches are supervising two games and need that corridor between the two fields to be clear of parents to ensure they have clear view and access to both fields.  Please comply with this policy.  You trust your kids to the school system five days a week without observing.  Certainly the hour of soccer where you do see them can be across the field.
  2. Daylight is waning.  Evening soccer practices may need to end before their scheduled time for the kids’ safety.  Please be sure to be ready to pick your kids up by 7:15 and earlier as the weeks progress.
  3. We end up collecting a lot of lost articles during the season.  It still makes a lot of sense to ask your coach and other team parents about things you may have lost or found at the fields.  I instruct my players to have their name and a cell phone number on their soccer ball each season, but that’s a good rule for the other things that get dragged to the field as well.  Small articles I find at the field I tend to leave at the pavilion or goal nearest to parking for that field, in the hopes that the person who lost it might return to the site.  We’ve also just added an email address for lost and found: lostfound@nasoccerclub.org.  You can use that and we’ll do our best to route the finder to the person who lost the item.
  4. The NA Soccer Club does not have an indoor soccer program, but several of our coaches and contacts are involved with programs in the area.  It is likely that we will run some training sessions at the facilities adjacent to Wildwood Highlands (look for an announcement in the coming weeks) but not our own league.  For now, if you are interested in your child playing in an actual indoor league, your coach or age group coordinator are the best sources to start with.


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