Rest for the Weary [Soccer Admin]

Even though it will be a couple of weeks before the kids hit the field, many people have been getting things organized and learning new roles to try to pull together a good experience for your kids this season.  You’ve not heard from your coaches yet because there is still much to do, INCLUDING filling some of those coaching slots.  Falling short of perfection should not be stopping YOU from stepping up!  Coaches will not necessarily make every game or practice.  They don’t know all there is to know about soccer and herding kids.  What our coaches DO know is that their kids appreciate the time they spend with them and their friends on Saturday mornings for a couple of months.

A decade from now when you’re folding your tattered NA Soccer Club shirt, still warm from the dryer, remembering when it was less worn and a bit looser fitting, you’ll remember some spring weeknights with your kid and be glad you did something after reading this email.  Please step up and have some fun with us by contacting me or the Age Group Coordinator for your kid’s division (find them at this link) and let us know you’ll coach.  We have some practice plans and a few training sessions that can help you get ready!

Thanks for your time and patience.  I look forward to seeing you when the games start the first weekend of April!

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