Lessons from My Favorite Soccer Coach

Jim Earle may be the best coach I know.  Personally, I’ve witnessed him lead our organization more than I’ve seen him lead his team.  You wouldn’t know his strong success as a soccer coach based just on meeting him, for he comes across as just a very nice man, always willing to help, and rarely without a smile on his face.

Aside from coaching two advanced soccer teams simultaneously each season, Jim has a full schedule working at Pitt and teaching there as needed.  On top of that, he wrote and published a book last year.  Where he finds the time, I’ll never know.  What I do know is that we’re very fortunate to have him in our organization and our community.

He writes on leadership and I was impressed by his most recent blog entry.  Rather than keeping too much distance from his readers as many writers and self-help authors, Jim took a break to share a very simple pleasure of golfing with his sons.  It’s a great reminder of simple pleasures with your family enriching our lives and perhaps not just holding up dramatic public contests as the hallmark of a leader.  I found his wisdom of identifying himself in a situation that we all could be in to be very grounding.  He has lots more practical advice in his book, but read his blog for a taste and follow on from there:

Lessons from My Favorite Foursome.



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