Special Access at Heinz Field

On July 27th 2014, Manchester City played against AC Milan in a special game in front of almost 35,000 spectators at Heinz Field.  Relevent Sports contacted us about offering tickets to our members at a discount.  As a result of the tickets you bought, they were able to have two of our players escort players from Manchester City onto the field before the game.  While I wish we could have had open access to that environment, we were at least able to get a couple of our players out there.  There are a lot of us that put in countless hours at the field keeping things running in our league year-round.  Over the past couple of seasons the Cooke’s and Moose’s have coached multiple teams year-round as well as helping with try-outs, training programs, and hosting camp trainers.  They have made last minute efforts to help the club at the inconvenience of their family and I think having Elizabeth Moose and Ryan Cooke represent NASC at the international game was fitting.  Thanks to everyone that purchased tickets and who volunteer at all levels, year-round to keep our club healthy and fun!image


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