Hit the Field Ready This Season

imageAttention Parents and Coaches:

Before heading out for practice or the game, please be sure to follow these simple tips to improve your experience and hopefully avoid a headache or two:

  1. Shin guards, cleats, ball, drink, no jewelry – All games and practices require the proper equipment for safety.  Make sure they fit now and ask the coach or another parent about spares when you arrive (hopefully early) if you forgot yours.
  2. Have your name on your things – there are more than 80 teams that use our fields each week.  Things get lost and there is a good chance the person that found it does not know you.  Put a name and contact phone number on your things that might be left behind.  You’ll appreciate avoiding the frustration and disappointment of losing your stuff and your coach will be glad to use the trunk of his car for something besides a lost and found.  There is a lot of duplicate equipment as well.  Mark yours so you can tell the difference and avoid awkward apologies.
  3. Bring a chair and watch your kids – Our fields are public places that do not have bleachers.  Pull up a lawn chair and rap with the other parents.  Don’t bring your dog, no matter how nice they are.  They are not allowed at our fields.  It’s bad enough the deer make us watch our steps.
  4. The other coaches and parents aren’t freaks – Make friends with folks when you visit, especially at games.  Too many people forget that different color shirts are just that.  Those “other people” like being at home on Sundays rooting for the Steelers as well.  Just because they live in a different neighborhood does not mean they woke up with your child in their cross-hairs.  An early, friendly “hello” can be the difference between going home as a role model to your child as opposed to grumbling at the world.

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