PA West Coaching Licensing Requirements

By Viktor Gotz – Director of Coaching and Player Development

As of the Fall, 2015 soccer season, coaches of U5/U6 and U9/U10 age groups must earn coaching credentials by successfully completing PA West licensing/certification programs.

The minimum licensing requirement for coaching these age groups can be met by completing the online portion of the PA West Youth Module certificate. The online course is free, and must be completed before coaches can be placed on rosters. Although the minimum requirements no longer include the Youth Module field session, NASC highly recommends the completion of the field session as well. The field session is extremely useful in gaining practical understanding of creating and executing a coaching plan for these young age groups.

For more information on the Youth Module, and to register for the sessions, go to

As an alternate way to meet the minimum requirements, coaches may complete the USSF F License. The USSF F License is also an online course. The cost for this license is $25, which will be reimbursed by NASC for active coaches. The fee also includes a one-year membership to the US Soccer coaching platform. For reimbursement requests, click this link.

For coaches, who are planning to continue with their coaching education, the USSF F license is a good choice, as it is a prerequisite for the National E License.

For more information on the USSF F license go to

Although this requirement only applies to U5/U6 and U9/U10 coaches in the 2015-16 soccer season, NASC highly encourages U7/U8 and U11/U12 coaches to complete one of the above certifications as soon as possible. Starting with the 2016-17 season, all U5-U12 coaches must comply with the youth licensing requirements as detailed above.

If you have any questions about licensing, please, contact Viktor Götz, NASC Coaching and Player Development at

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