At the Top of Their Game

Kennedy State CupCongratulations to the Spring 2016 Kennedy U10 Girls team for winning the Gold Division State Cup at Edinboro!  They went undefeated and allowed only 3 goals throughout the tournament.  NASC is proud of how they’ve risen through the ranks of younger age groups and play levels to show what hard work and teamwork can deliver.

This is like many other teams we have playing at the “D4” level.  Division 4 is the pinnacle of community travel soccer in PA-West.  Divisions 1-3 play on Saturday afternoons, not Sundays.  Teams competing at that level are what are typically called “cup teams.”  Like higher level international soccer, when teams are champions in these upper division, they are expected to go up to the next level, while teams struggling in higher levels descend a level in the subsequent season.

NASC has a lot of kids that play for these “cup teams” while also playing community soccer.  That creates a dilemma when they win-out in D4, since we as a club need them to move up to D3.  Since most of these kids already play D3 for other clubs, they must then either play just for our club at that level, or choose to play for their other club on Saturdays and find some other configuration of play in NASC on Sundays.  We prefer to mix these kids and coaches in with other kids so more can grow from their experience and our programs can grow stronger.  We believe this will lead to better results once they transition to school teams playing 11 v 11 soccer.

Cup teams have paid staff, participate nearly year-round, and cost ten times what we charge.  They serve a different purpose and are very effective delivering teams that participate at higher levels.  NASC’s purpose is to provide a positive soccer experience for any kid in our community that wants to play and hopefully create bonding experiences for their participating parents.  Along the way we strive to build winning teams and players.  The dedication of parents like Jim Earle that voluntarily coach their kid’s NASC teams into cup levels can provide the rare opportunities for kids to play together in our club above D4.  Unfortunately, that can be a tall order, especially when cup organizations already have an infrastructure to do that and the price is not beyond the means of most NA families.

So congratulations to “Team Kennedy” and thank you for representing NASC so well!  We hope we’ll still find ways in the future that we can serve a purpose for each other.


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