Travel Coach Instructions

Please review the important handling notes for North District Travel Coaches below.  All references to “AGC” refer to the Age Group Coordinator for the North District, not your club.


In the North District, and most of PAWEST, coaches are responsible to post your game scores to Affinity. 

  1. BOTH TEAMS should have someone post the score. 
  2. Head Coaches may want to assign this to a coach or team manager.
  3. Scores should be posted no later than 9 PM Monday (Ideally Sunday Night).
  4. In cases where the scores do not agree, the system sends the AGC an email and they will sort it out.

See the this pdf for system instructions.

Game Day Rosters (GDR’s) :

The winning coach should get a signed GDR at the end of the game from the referees. 
You have two choices:
  1.  Scan and EMAIL to your AGC.  Please have “GDR” in the subject of the email to make sure it stands out and is properly processed.
  2. Send it US Mail.  If you choose this option you can wait until the end of the year and send them all into the AGC at once.

Games with a goal differential of 7 or more: 

BOTH COACHES shall either email the AGC or call me by Sunday night to let me know why this happen.  In a perfect world, it should not happen but sometimes it does.   We have D5 and D6 maybe you are in the wrong division sometimes that happens.  There are also other reasons but I want a short synopsis of what happen and how it got there. 
Principal Issues also for Sunday Night calls or emails:
Serious Injuries:  A serious injury is an injury where the player is taken to a medical professional from or right after the game for treatment, especially any player taken from the field in an ambulance.   Injuries where a player came off or didn’t finish the game but is OK do not have to be reported.  It’s important to do this and to make sure the AGC gets the GDR by Sunday, just in case there are medical claims and PAWEST insurance must be used.

Red Cards:  Any time a player receives a red card.  It is important the AGC gets an email notifying them about it.  Failure to do this may delay the player being released after sitting out the number of games assessed.

Confrontation or altercations involving players, game officials, coaches, parents and or spectators from a game :  These incidents can escalate into some serious issues.  PAWEST, the North District, and US SOCCER take a very serious look at such incidents.


When you get your home schedule:
  1. Reach out to all of your opponents with date, time and location.
  2. Also convey your choice of uniform color.
  3. If using email, ask for a conformation back from the opposing coach.
Along with the above items let the opposing coach know of local issues such as:
  • No restrooms with in the facility.
  • A detour one mile from field that requires people to drive 20 miles around a long way.
  • Speed issues they should be watching for.  Like complex speed limit of 10 MPH.
Each season many coaches are new, so be sure to follow the above guidelines to avoid last minute problems.

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