Fall NASC Discounts at Dick’s Sports McCandless Saturday August 4

Fall registration is almost complete.  If you haven’t registered yet, please due so in the next day or two.  You could also come see us for help at our table between 11AM and 5PM at Dick’s Sporting Goods McCandless Crossing store this Saturday August 4, 2018.
Even better is:

20% Off Nearly Everything in the Store on August 4th at Dick’s Sporting Goods McCandless using this coupon

Whether you will playing soccer with us this spring or not, we can share our Dick’s Sporting Goods discount with you this Saturday, August 4th, from 11-5 at the McCandless Crossing store only.  You can get 20% off of nearly everything in the store.  Print the coupon and get your soccer supplies or pretty much anything in the store at an additional 20% off.  Make sure your kids cleats, black shorts, black socks, shin guards, etc. are all ready to go for the spring season.  You might even want to grab some other gear for summer (as far off as that still feels now).

Thanks so much to Dick’s Sporting Goods for supporting the North Allegheny Soccer Club.  Besides the coupon for savings for our members, and giving us space to meet our members, they also provide us with store discounts and some soccer equipment each season as well.

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