Volunteers Needed (Always)

NASC is a community club. All of the players are kids in our community and schools. All of the coaches and admins are parents of those kids, and when we are lucky, some other community volunteers whose kids played in the league in past years.  Since 1974 we have managed to have a soccer team for pretty much any kid of any skill level to be on. On these teams they learn soccer skills, teamwork, working towards goals, changing roles based on the different talents of our teammates, working through adversity, etc. They learn these things from parent volunteers.  Most of those volunteers tell me over time what a highlight is was for them both at the time and years later when they would be greeted with a smile and “hello Coach” by those kids at some random public place.

With all of the advances in technology to communicate better and make our lives easier, one would think it would be easier to find volunteers from the core of parents on each team, but the task has gotten increasingly difficult through the years.  I know that we multitask and commit to lots of other things in the community.  I also know that state-required background checks and coach training has raised the bar in terms of what a volunteer must do to officially help.  In a typical spring or fall season we have nearly 30 travel teams and about 50 recreational teams, each with two to three coaches.   On top of that it takes more than 20 administrators on the board to keep the overall functioning of the league working with roughly 1000 players, field preparation and scheduling, referee recruitment, paying bills, computer systems work, etc.  That’s a lot of volunteers.

If our administration does its job right, we can keep a good pool of head coaches involved.  They know the hard parts of being a coach here – the time commitment, the soccer skills, the paperwork and regulations.  What we need usually is two team parents that are willing to help out.  That’s all.  You’ve seen soccer games and practices here and know that it is not rocket science.  In a pinch you could go out there and the kids know the general drill.  We need a couple of volunteers to help your kids get the most out of the 9 weeks or so in any given season.  Please check out our coaches page or talk to your team’s current coach about how to join our ranks and be a role model for your kids and many others you don’t know yet.

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