Discount Day Spring 2020 at Dick’s Sports McCandless

Registration is coming to a close so reach out to make sure you and your friends have registered and come out on Leap Day (this Saturday) to buy soccer supplies. Dick’s Sporting Goods at McCandless Crossing has once again given us a 20% off coupon to share with you. It’s good for nearly everything in the store from soccer equipment to summer vacation goodies. Download the attached coupon and use it at the McCandless Crossing Dick’s Sporting Goods this Saturday (February 29th) between 11am and 8pm.

Coupon link:
NA Soccer Shop Day Flyer 2020 


Print the coupon and get your soccer supplies or pretty much anything in the store at an additional 20% off.  Make sure your kids cleats, black shorts, black socks, shin guards, etc. are all ready to go for the spring season.  You might even want to grab some other gear for summer (as far off as that still feels now).  If what you want is not in stock in your size, simply order it online while in the store and the same coupon will work.

Thanks so much to Dick’s Sporting Goods for supporting the North Allegheny Soccer Club.  Besides the coupon for savings for our members, and giving us space to meet our members, they also provide us with store discounts and some soccer equipment each season as well.
Registration problems or questions? Stop at our table near soccer supplies and we’ll be glad to help?  Registration site:
Friend who never played soccer and has questions? Send them down and we’ll be happy to help them (of course they can use the coupon even if they don’t sign up)
Thanks for your support of the North Allegheny Soccer Club

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