About Tryouts 2016

Every May the North Allegheny Soccer Club holds tryouts for the “D4” teams for age groups U10-12 for the following Fall and Spring seasons.  Kids don’t have to try out to play soccer in our club, only to play in more competitive divisions.  We charge a slight fee to be able to compensate the professional trainers… Read More About Tryouts 2016

Head Protection

You can tell when certain topics are making big news when products start to appear in the marketplace to deal with the issue.  In soccer, we’ve used martial arts padded helmets for goalies for years.  It was the best product we could find similar to our needs.  Now that concussions in youth sports are starting… Read More Head Protection

Deciding Whether Your Youth Soccer Player Should “Play Up”

By Viktor Gotz – Director of Coaching and Player Development In general, playing up is not a bad thing in itself. On occasion players demonstrate consistent technical or physical superiority over players in their own age group. In these cases parents or coaches may wish to consider letting the player play up to be exposed… Read More Deciding Whether Your Youth Soccer Player Should “Play Up”