Please read the following Coaching Requirements to learn how to become a coach with NASC.

Background Check and Coaching License

If you are interested in coaching with NASC, it is now required that you have all of your Pennsylvania clearances as well as a coaching license.  This includes all coaches whether it’s rec or travel.

Field Schedules

Our practice and game schedules can be found with the above link.

Travel Roster Help

There are specific rules from PA West that travel coaches must follow.  You can also use this link to learn how to update your game scores.

Professional Trainers

NASC teams with professional trainers to improve our community soccer program.

Rescheduling Travel Home Games

Due to the complexity of rescheduling games, please make sure you follow these guidelines if your games has been cancelled (note – you cannot cancel your own games)

  1. Contact the opposing coach RE rescheduling your game and find an ideal time (ie an evening that you both practice, a Sunday you have open (a Sunday at the end of the regular season, an unscheduled holiday Sunday, …)
  2. Contact the field scheduler (Chris Davis) about getting a field for one of those time slots.
  3. After Chris gets you a field, confirm the date/time/field with the opposing coach while Chris can make sure the game info is passed on to the referee calendar schedulers
  4. Inform your team and the district scheduler (ie Dwight Norris for North D/5/6 girls, Chuck Bauer for North D5/6 boys, or your D4 AGC) so the Affinity system is updated and you’ll be able to print GDR’s for the game.
  5. There is a tab titled “Make-ups” on the Travel home schedule that shows the make-up schedule where you’ll see your missing rescheduled games. Make sure you see that it matches your information and if not contact the field scheduler.

Helpful Resources

  • – Soccer coach and parent basics simplified, including rules, drills, etc.
  • PA-West Rules – PDF’s of all current official soccer rules for our area.  Don’t guess; search these documents
  • – Free basic team management including scheduling games, practices, instant communications.  All the basics are free