Background Check

New Check Links:

  1. Go to the following 3 sites and apply for the documents which will be emailed to you
    PA State Police: (Use volunteers only link)
    PA Child Welfare:
    If you have lived in Pennsylvania continuously for last 10 years or more, have this affidavit notarized and scanned for uploading:
    *If you have not been PA resident for the past 10 years then you MUST do an FBI fingerprint check:
    Enter Service Code: 1KG6ZJ
  2. Once you have the docs, log into PA-West Affinity portal and upload them under your profile.  After you have uploaded the three documents, you must register for the background check review.  It is an easy step to miss, but must be done.
  3. After you have applied for your clearance with PA-West, you can complete this form to get reimbursed for your expense of notarization or FBI clearance.