Professional Trainers

NASC understands that in order to give our players the best opportunity to improve, it’s not enough to only rely on our parents, volunteers and administrators.  Our organization continually researches and evaluates the use of external resources to enhance the development of all members of our club.  In order to offer a better experience to our players and coaches, NASC hires professional coaches during each season to teach the techniques and tactics of soccer in a way that motivates the players to want to practice and to want to improve. Our volunteer coaches also gain valuable knowledge by watching and learning from professional coaches as they assist them during practice sessions.  As an organization, we do our best to get all of the kids an opportunity to be coached by a professional from one of the organizations listed below.

Challenger Soccer – Challenger Soccer provides NASC with experienced international coaches during the Fall and Spring seasons dedicated to player and coach development within our organization.  The Challenger coaches provide NASC with player evaluations, coach education, tryout assistance, game analysis, position specific clinics, private sessions, and team practices.  NASC families volunteer to host the young men and women assigned to our club by Challenger.  While Challenger provides transportation for each coach, our host families will provide them with a place to sleep and a shower.  Most families find that including the coach in a few family activities creates a lifetime memory for their kids and the international coach.  Most of the professional coaches are also willing to assist in your kids’ development when we aren’t practicing which is an added bonus!