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Pittsburgh Assassins Futsal Club

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Pittsburgh Assassins Futsal Club is a club neutral Futsal club that provides teams and training programs that supplement a player’s progress in Futsal and Soccer.  PAFC starts training players as early as 6 years old in their youth academy.  In the academy, players will get all the essential skills and game understanding in a quality environment from experienced futsal coaching staff and learn all the rules of the game. During this academy training period (6-8 yr olds) PAFC will also have some pre-arranged friendly games with other teams. Once players are eligible to play U10 they can try out for PAFC competitive teams which run to U15 for both boys and girls.

As a member of NASC, players can join the Assassins Futsal Development Academy with a 10% discount off of the $260 fee which can be paid in 3 monthly installments.  If you sign up before October 7, 2017, you will get an additional $20 discount. The program offers 15 training sessions at PISA on Friday nights from 5:00 – 6:00 PM.

**To receive the NA discount, choose ‘North Allegheny-Assassins registration’ from the drop down for choice of divisions.**

Coach Ale (Brazilian Soccer Academy)

Alessandro Moreira was recently recognized by PA West Soccer as the Futsal Girls Coach of the Year for 2017.  Coach Ale offers futsal training throughout the winter months as well as individual and group lessons.