Please read the Registration instructions link from the drop down menu.  The Affinity system will automatically show you programs your child is eligible to register for based on their birth date after you have logged in and clicked on the “Register” button at the top right.  After you answer questions on each screen, you proceed by clicking the “Continue” buttons at the bottom of the screen.  “Register as a Player” for your child and the system will automatically select their group based on their age.  You’ll then choose “Travel” or “In-house” level.

If you want to “play-up” into an older age group, you must first register in the program the system aligns you with and then fill out this Google Form with your request.

Once you’ve selected Travel or In-house, you’ll get a series of questions designed to help us place your child on a team.  It’s an imperfect way to place roughly 100 kids per age level onto teams, but we try to make it convenient for you and a balanced experience on the field for your child.

Fall 2019 Fee Schedule

Age Group “Early Bird” Discount* Regular Fee
U5 $75 $85
U6 $75 $85
U7/U8 $95 $115
U9/U10 Rec $110 $130
All Travel $150 $175

*Early Bird discount applies to any registration prior to July 22, 2019.