The club accepts requests for registration cancellation in three cases.

  1.  Requests submitted to the Registrar by the Friday preceding the start of the season will result in a refund of the registration fee minus a $15 cancellation fee. These requests can be made without any specific justification.
  2. Requests submitted by the third Friday after the start of the season will result in the player’s account being issued a credit that can be reused in future seasons. These requests will be only be accepted for medical reasons and must be accompanied by a signed letter from a doctor attesting to the impossibility of the player to continue playing. The credit will be equal to one half of the regular refund, or one half of (registration fee minus $15 cancellation fee).
  3. When a registered player is selected to play for the one of the North Allegheny School District school teams and the parents request cancellation no later than a week after the school teams are announced. In this case only the club will issue a full refund, i.e., no cancellation fee will be charged.

 If you need to request a registration cancellation, please make sure to notify the player’s Age Group Coordinator and his/her coach (if known).

 No requests for cancellation will be accepted, and therefore no refunds or credits will be issued, after the third Friday after the start of the season. The “start of the season” is the weekend when most, but not necessarily all, NASC teams have their first game (practice session in the case of U5 and U6).

 Players that the club is unable to roster on a team for any reason will be given a full refund.

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