The North Allegheny Soccer Club owns no fields, but relies on partnerships with local municipalities, the school district, and private owners to play and practices on soccer pitches in our area.

Here is a Google Maps collection of our fields and other fields common to PA-West and its North District.

Schedules by field for the current season are found here:

About “Our” Fields

McKinney Soccer Complex

McKinney Soccer Complex Aerial 2016McKinney Soccer Complex is in Allegheny County’s North Park.

It consists of three field areas:

  • McKinney Field – Two U12 fields, one front (near parking lot) and one back (uppermost in photo)
  • Yoest Field – Three U10 fields and one U12 field (rotated year to year to reduce wear patterns) (bottom of photo)
  • Schwarz Field – two full size fields (but smaller end of scale) (center of photo)

During the spring and fall seasons, NASC has use of it from 3PM-dusk, Saturdays until 3pm and Sundays from noon-dusk.

McCandless Fields


McCandless Fields are located in North Park across from the batting cage and par-3 golf course.

It consists of two field areas, a U10 pitch and a U12 pitch.

Beeman Field


Beeman Field is located at the Marshall school complex across from the elementary school.  The complex has a full size pitch and is also used for our U7/U8 games and practices.



McKnight/NAI Field


McKnight/NAI fields are located in-between the elementary school and the intermediate school.  There is room for a full size pitch or U12 fields.  It has also been used for U7/U8 games in the past.


NASH Fields

NASH2016Located behind the high school and below the baseball and softball fields, these fields are used for our U7/U8 practices and games.

Linbrook Field

Linbrook2016This field is located in Franklin Park off of Big Sewickley Creek Rd.  The park contains a U12 size pitch.




C&G Field

CnGThis field is located in Franklin Park off of Big Sewickley Creed Rd.  The park has a full size pitch.